Why Online Training?

This idea was implemented because we wanted to give the players and their families a bit of a break for the first portion of the off-season.

In another instance, we are pretty spread out as a team and we also wanted to allow players the advantage of learning new things and taking the initiative to train on their own. The biggest area of growth and development comes in the off season – away from the ice. This is where you work on the premise of building power and speed. Despite what a great many “experts” claim, you cannot build power into your skating on the ice. You can refine technique and correct stride deficiencies but to build explosive power, you must train off-ice.

It makes for a long season to be together for nine months instead of six. Couple this with the reality of the travel and commitment each player must put in to be successful this year, it seems a logical step in the evolution of this program to allow the players access to as much information as possible – whenever they need it.

With more understanding, it is easier for the players to feel part and take ownership of the entire “team-first” concept that will be stressed so heavily from the opening skate to the final whistle.

I am excited to be associated with the program of fitness and development this season. It has always been my belief that if a coach thinks they know it all, or believes they can do it all – they shouldn’t be at the amateur level. This is evident at the elite or even the PRO level of this game. See how many specialists the teams employ and how many staff members with differing expertise are used by each team. It is not only the bodies you see on the bench.

In the coming days more information and critical fitness elements will be uploaded and sections created to help you (the player) to achieve your ultimate fitness goals. We are at an elite level of development so the onus is clearly on teh shoulders of the players.

Best of Luck – remember, we are only an e-mail or phone call away!


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