About This Site

In the coming weeks we will be adding the more important elements of our program and goals to this site.

For the next little while I will be rebuilding this from the ground up and relaunching before our training camp. This may well be a useful resource should some of our players be out of touch or not have their program with them at all times, all they have to do is log into this site and it is available to them.

Ideally what we want is for the players to be able to check on certain aspects of our program, if they have questions that fall outside of our allotted time together. They will be able to go on-line and hopefully get the answer they seek. In case you are wondering, anything having to with systems and our game plan preparations will generally not be posted here. If there is a need for elements of our system to be put on this blog, then it will be password protected and can only be accessed by our team.

I will be preparing and uploading new and relevant information for the fitness and strength portion of our off-season. For those keeping score, when camp closes – we will have officially entered the Pre-Season phase of the program. It will be pedal down from there on.

Don’t hesitate to leave a message about the site and the idea in general. I can only make this work for each member if I have feedback and input.



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