Stretches In Detail

STRETCH! – Excerpt from Total Female Hockey© Off-Ice Training Program

Most young players do not stretch enough in the season and that pattern certainly continues during hockey camps. Ideally, a proper stretching session would be incorporated into the end of each day of camp – but this is rarely the case.

After the first day of camp, players usually start to feel tightness and soreness in the “hockey” muscles. Players might misinterpret tightness in the groin or hip flexors as a muscle pull, where in the majority of cases, the skating muscles are just fatigued after a day of hard work.

Players must do themselves a favor and take the time to stretch their “hockey” muscles after each day of camp.

The 5 muscle groups players should focus on stretching are:

Hip Flexors • Groin • Quadriceps • Glutes • Hamstrings

Players should hold each stretch for 1 minute. If the stretch is one-sided, players must hold the stretch for 1 minute on each side.

Taking just 10 minutes to focus on stretching 5 key muscle groups after the end of a long day will go a long way towards alleviating tightness and making sure that you feel your best when heading out on the ice the next morning.

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch #1

Knees Wide Groin Stretch #2

Side Lying Quadriceps Stretch #3

Kneeling Figure 4 Glutes Stretch #4

Lying bent Leg Hamstring Stretch #5


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