Welcome To The Training Room

This is the first step in what I feel is a unique approach to having a team “get together” and train. The summer, although a very important phase in the development of any player, is also a time to catch up with family, travel and generally experience life with the family. That is just as important factor to team unity and keeping a player happy .

This is a way to let a team know what they should be doing, when they should be doing it and of course how they should be doing it. Then it struck me, don’t move the mountain, bring the players to the foothills and give them the information they need.

I am certain it is not unique or the first of it’s kind but, it will be a living entity unique for certain teams and players. I will be populating this site with the off-ice exercise program we will be following this season. Also there will be links and postings regularly to keep people on track and also some motivational material to push them “over the cliff” as it were.

I will also be calling on much smarter people than myself to check the material. I will be uploading as well as some contributions from some very significant professionals and maybe the odd celebrity as well.

There are certain levels that must be attained (getting there) and also maintained (staying there) throughout the season.

I heard a very smart comment on training in the off-season – it stated simply – You don’t play a sport to get in shape, you get in shape to play the sport.

Needless to say, fitness is going to be a large part of the program. The off-season allows us the opportunity to make plans to achieve something this season, based on talent alone we will compete with any team in the league. However, it is not enough to just want to compete this season there has to be a larger impetus.

The effort and commitment must come from all players and as a by-product, from the families as well.

Welcome to the Training Room – a portal for instant information and training materials.




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